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kwik uhpdayt.

so. i peefed last night and fell asleep at 5. my internal body clock woke me up at 9:59, because lauren said she'd be here by 10 or so. no joke. ha.
so i got up, took a shower, and i've just been chatting it up on AIM...did a few system restores because looking at porn and being stoned at the same time is not a healthy combination. i got my 2 cursive shirts this morning. sex, i tell you. goddamned sex. i just got done finishing a glass of cranberry juice, purdy good. my abs hurt...friggin crunches.(people of infowire know what i'm talkin 'bout. represent)

and i'm still waiting for lauren to get here. oh yeah. i'm wearing a grey hoodie, jeans, a white undershirt, an at the drive-in t-shirt, and "the osbournes" boxers. wonderful.
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